Bread and Dips
24 ₪
Spicy Plate
28 ₪
Jalapenos, homemade matbucha (spicy cooked tomato and pepper salad), garlic confit, and sour cream
Green falafel with tahini
29 ₪
Asian Steamed Buns
48 ₪
two steamed buns with beef stew, Iettuce, onions, and hot peppers
Roasted Eggplant
44 ₪
tomato salad, cilantro, tahini, goat labneh and oregano
38 ₪
cauliflower florets, garlic and lemon
Grilled Shrimp Skewer
44 ₪
oregano, chili flakes, lemon zest, and olive oil
Mushroom Risotto
64 ₪
bIack truffle puree, champignon mushrooms and parmesan
Beef Carpaccio
56 ₪
5-year-old balsamic vinegar , olive oil, Balsamic pearls, capers, arugula, and basil
Ceviche fish
54 ₪
Tomato, onion , coriander , creme black eggplant, spicy labane' cheese


Sicilan Pasta
64 ₪
Tomato sauce, ready to eat moist sun- dried tomatoes, kalamata olives, garlic, basil, olive oil, and parmesan cheese
Cream and Mushrooms/ Black truffle puree & parmesan
67 ₪
Gnocchi Trio
64 ₪
gnocchi filled with mushrooms, chestnuts,and spinach,with black truffle mash and Parmesan cheese .
Entrecéte Gnocchi and asparagus
76 ₪
with pepper cream sauce
44 ₪
plain pasta with sause on the side - tomato / mushroom creme sauce


Market Salad
48 ₪
stack of vegetables, feta cheese and zaatar
Falafel Salad
48 ₪
Vegetables, Cilantro, toasted pita, and raw tahini
Mushroom and Calamari
56 ₪
mushrooms, tomatoes, crispy calamari and herbs
Strawberries and Nuts
58 ₪
Strawberries, basil, red onions, Gorgozola cheese, lettuce, chery roma tomatoes, and caramelized cashews and hazienuts, in balsamic vinaigrette


Artichoke and basil
49 ₪
hot peppers and feta cheese
49 ₪
Cheese, mushroom and truffle
52 ₪
Kalamata olives and sun-dried tomatoes
49 ₪


Lamb Kebab
74 ₪
charred vegetable salad, tahini, and a dash of amba [mango and qarlic sauce]
Spring Chicken
77 ₪
sweet potatoes and a soy and date honey sauce
Beef Filet Skewers( 250 gr)
145 ₪
with campfire-roasted vegetables, truffle puree and brandy peppercorn cream sauce
Beef Sirloin (300 gr)
145 ₪
Slices of sirloin steak with grilled bok choy and potato puree
Meat Platter
325 ₪
Entrecote [300 gr], Beef Sirloin [300 gr], kebab [250 gr], spring Chicken [200 gr], and roasted vegetables
145 ₪
oven-baked potatoes, garlic confit, homemade chimichurri and thyme


Fried Calamari [220 gr]
69 ₪
Shrimps in Tomato Butter and oregano
96 ₪
garlic, lemon,oregano, tomatoes concasse and white rice
Shrimps in garlic, butter and white wine
96 ₪
with wild spinach, chestnuts, mushrooms, and white rice
Fish fillet
129 ₪
Labenh cream, artichoke ristto, spinach, ready-to-eat moist sun-dried tomatoes, roasted almonds, and basil oil


Beef Burger [250 gr] with Thin French Fries
78 ₪
blue cheese, black truffle puree - add NIS 13 mushrooms, grilled onions,gouda cheese - add NIS 9
Sirloin Sandwich
59 ₪
mustard mayonnaise / tahini, tomato, purple onions, and Iettuce
Kebab Sandwich
56 ₪
tahini, vegetables, and matbucha [spicy cooked tomato and pepper salad] on the side


Cheese platter
67 ₪
Schnitzel nuggets and french fries
63 ₪
34 ₪
French fries
37 ₪